Wd40 on ac fan

Central air conditioners rely on fans to pull air through the condenser coils in order to dissipate heat. These fans are subject to outdoor conditions and plenty of dirt and grime.

While most current models of air conditioners have motors that don't need to be oiled, many older units require periodic oiling to keep the fan in good condition. Oiling is recommended at the beginning of every cooling season. This is also a good time to inspect the fan blades and motor for signs of wear.

Many units have an exterior disconnect switch, usually housed in a box mounted on a wall near the unit. Turn off the power here. If your system has both a breaker and a disconnect, turn off both. Do not reach down into the unit unless you know exactly where the capacitors are and how to discharge them safely. Use a high-quality oil designed for high-speed motor shafts and bearings.

Do not use oil containing a detergent, such as automotive motor oil. Detergent is bad for the bearings of fan motors. While your fan is positioned with the blades facing upward, spin the blades with your hand to make sure the motor shaft moves smoothly.

Next, grasp the blade assembly near its center and try to jiggle the motor shaft back and forth and up and down. A little up and down movement is normal, but there should be no side-to-side movement. If there is, and you've noticed your fan is louder than usual, it's probably time to replace the motor; the bearings are worn out. Finally, check each blade for cracks or other damage. If you see any problems, replace the blade assembly. The motor is mounted to the underside of the cover.

Remove these with a nut driver or screwdriver.

wd40 on ac fan

Some units have fans that are secured to the fan cage; in this case, you simply remove the screws holding the cage to the unit cover. Turn the cover or cage assembly upside down to access the oil ports on the motor.Those of you who read our articles regularly, know that we are a small, U.

Solved: Should I use a WD-40 to clean a computer fan?

Case-in-point, often times you can avoid a costly AC repair and fix your own noisy air conditioner; we aim to help you do just that. Here are a few things for you to think about when your air conditioner gets loud, most of which you can do yourself with just a little bit of time and some basic household tools. Is it coming from the compressor, or is it the fan itself?

What about the condenser coil which also has a fan over it? Is the sound coming from your fan motor? To examine your noisy air conditioner, remove the outside casing to reveal the inner part of your AC unit — you will notice the fan located just in front of the coils. If this is your problem, remove any debris from the unit and check the fan blades for dents or dings.

A common problem when you are dealing with a squeaky fan blade is the dirt that accumulates on the fan blades, causing an imbalanced, noisy fan. For information on how to prevent this, see:. This will make for a very noisy air conditioner. If your blade is damaged, it will need to be replaced. If it is loose, tighten the center bolt with a wrench or an allen wrench.

If you want, HVAC lubricant is available at your local hardware store but is unnecessary. If the bearings are still making a loud sound or if the blade does not rotate smoothly, call your local HVAC technician and they can replace your bearings for you. If you hear a grinding sound, call your HVAC technician as this is a sign of pending bearing failure. The most common cause of rattling is something being loose. See the pic on the right. Check all of your ducts for loose joints and tighten them with duct screws and HVAC tape as necessary.

Just use common sense and seal leaks. Try not to overthink it.Posted in: Air Conditioning. When you have a loud air conditioner, the nature of the problem can depend on the type of you noise you hear. While a buzzing sound or the noise of air flow tend to be pretty standard, other sounds can indicate a more significant problem, some more so than others. Problem: Noisy air conditioner The outside condenser of a central air conditioning unit can be very loud. Read on to find the best solution based on the cause of the problem.

But experiment first: Prop up plywood around the unit so you can judge how much good a fence will do. If you decide to build a fence, keep it at least 3 ft. For the best sound reduction, overlap fence boards instead of leaving gaps between them. Aside from a fence, there are a few other approaches you should consider:. If your condenser is older, the best solution is a new unit.

Newer designs are dramatically quieter than those produced just a few years ago. And they save money. A high-efficiency unit might cut your cooling bills in half and pay for itself in three or four years. The downside, of course, is the initial cost. If you already have a newer condenser, the worst noise is probably coming from the compressor. Fans on newer units are very quiet. Installation is easy. Is the sound coming from your fan motor?

How to Lubricate Electric Fan Motors

Split units have an inside and outside portion, either of which works under the same principle — they both have a fan with a motor.

To examine your noisy air conditioner, remove the outside casing to reveal the inner part of your AC unit — you will notice the fan located just in front of the coils. If this is your problem, remove any debris from the unit and check the fan blades for dents or dings. A common problem when you are dealing with a squeaky fan blade is the dirt that accumulates on the fan blades, causing an imbalanced, noisy fan. For information on how to prevent this, see:. This will make for a very noisy air conditioner.How to Lubricate Electric Fan Motors.

Lubricating a Central Air Fan Motor

Doing small maintenance on your appliances can extend the life of them by years. An electric fan is no different. You can make an electric fan last longer if you simply lubricate the motor on a regular basis. Lay the fan down on a flat surface with the exposed face up. Grasp the blades firmly and lift slowly to remove them.

If there is a C-clip, pry it off first. Apply a light nondetergent household oil that is SAE Add no more than 1 to 2 drops at each oil port. Lubricate with nondetergent SAE 20 oil. Place 1 to 2 drops in each oil port. Be very careful not to use too much oil or get the oil into the motor. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Warning Wear safety glasses if prying off a C-clip. Unplug the fan before beginning any maintenance job.

Step 1 Remove the front grill of the fan.

How to oil the HVAC fan motor

Step 2 Lay the fan down on a flat surface with the exposed face up. Step 3 Apply a light nondetergent household oil that is SAE Step 4 Spray the shaft carefully with lightweight lubricant. Avoid getting any in the motor. Step 5 Reassemble the fan and test. Step 1 Remove the front blade guard by prying off the clips or removing the screws. Step 2 Unscrew the spinner nut that holds on the blades by turning it clockwise. Pull off the blades.

Step 3 Remove the rear blade guard by removing the grill nut and pulling it. Step 4 Remove the motor grill by first removing the screws that hold it in place. Step 5 Lubricate with nondetergent SAE 20 oil. Step 6 Spray the shaft with a lightweight lubricant.

Reassemble the fan and test. Share this article. Show Comments.User Name Remember Me? Fuel Economy: Of Course! Any way to lubricate a blower motor?? Recently my heater blower motor has been sounding like a rabid cricket during mating season.

This chirping grinding sound comes and goes on speed 1 and 2, with no strange sounds at all on speeds 3 and 4. The fan is turning on all four speeds. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before, and is there any way to try lubricating the blower, before I have to settle for a new replacement?? Take the blower motor out, get a can of aerosol electric motor cleaner and spray the motor with it. You shouldn't have to grease or lubricate an electric motor, if the brushes are going bad you just replace the motor.

Fuel Economy: Who cares? Great fuel economy comes as a bonus! You CAN lube the blower motor if needed. The bearings are sleeve bearings and they were lubed at the factory. They can become dry over time. Ideally use some SAE 20W non-detergent oil and be careful to avoid over-oiling. Given that it's just about impossible to find a straight 20W oil and non-detergent type, I've successfully used a 20W synthetic oil in electric motors. Synthetic gear oil 75W also works good.

I have a gut feeling the bearings are OK and the brushes are just about worn out. That's the sound my 02 Golf's blower motor made for a while at low speeds before it finally quit when the brushes stopped making contact. Some amount of brush squeak is normal at low speeds, so you really need to have a look at the brushes and see what's going on. Once you get the blower assembly out, its easy to see inside the motor because it was built as open as possible for cooling by the airflow.

It wouldn't turn very well at low speeds because the bearings were tight and it really did need to be lubed. It ended up taking out the resistor pack for the low speeds and would only work on high speed.

I replaced the blower assembly when I replaced the resistor pack to prevent it from taking out another resistor pack. OTOH, my 02 Golf's motor bearings were fine and the blower worked at all speeds but the brushes eventually wore out after several years of use.

Good luck. Last edited by n1das; January 23rd, at Thanks for the replies A couple of months ago I replaced the thermal fuse not the whole resistor packso I was suspecting then that the blower may be on its last legs.Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner.

A water-based cleaning agent that dissolves grease, dirt, fungi, mold and other build-up from the cooling coils of your air conditioners. No rinsing required. After cleaning, your air conditioner will cool faster, thus saving electricity. You will also experience cleaner and fresher air from your air conditioner.

Extended air conditioner life span. Reduces electricity cost. Bacteria free. To clean the air conditioner or cooling fins, make sure the power from your unit is disconnected! Remove filter and wash away dust. Cleaning agent will penetrate deep into the cooling fins.

After two minutes, put filter back into the original place. Switch on the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes to allow dirt to be drained out through the drain hose. Recommended Uses. Air conditioner cooling fins Coils. Back to Product Line.

The can with thousand of uses.

wd40 on ac fan

Take your vehicle to the max. Developed for riders who love keeping their ride in top condition. Join the club! Contact Us. Investor Relations. Privacy Notice. Terms of use. All Rights Reserved. Multi-Use Product is the product category. These uses have not been tested by WD Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD Company products. Always follow the instructions and take heed of any warnings printed on packaging.Menu Menu.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter CountZero Start date Oct 9, Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. CountZero Golden Member. Jul 10, 1, 36 When I started up my computer this morning it was making a horrible noise, after figuring out it was the Thermaltake mm fan making the noise i took it out of the system.

It would make noise even if turned by hand, sounded like something wasn't gliding along inside like it should.

So I peeled back the sticker and hit it with a little WD40 and now its quiet when turned by hand but now i'm wondering if it will be ok or not once back in the case, anyone have experience with this? Subhuman25 Senior member.

wd40 on ac fan

Aug 22, 0 0. Umm WD isn't a good choice for lubing. It can break down the plastics because it contains a solvent. Sewing machine oil is the proper choice.

Blain Lifer. Oct 9, 23, 2 Use 3-In-One oilthen reseal the bearing with "foil" duct tape after cleaning all the oil residue off the surface. Zepper Elite Member. May 1, 18, 0 0. Just replace the fan - the bearings are not intended to be serviced.

But perhaps it will hold out long enough for you to have a replacment shipped in. And as the others mentons WD isn't intended to be used around plastics. Use 3-In-One oil, then reseal the bearing with "foil" duct tape after cleaning all the oil residue off the surface.

Do not use anything but mineral base oil around plastic parts. Any oil claiming "cleans" has some type of petroleum solvent in it.


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